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We transform our complexion at a skin gym. Apply sunscreen in places that Northern folks completely forget. And even blow-dry our hair with a generous dollop of spirituality. Here is our totally nonserious and yet essential look at beauty and the L.A. women who embody it.

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best los angeles beauty tips oils
Kosas Cosmetics

1. Face Oil is Everything

Forget foundation: When it comes to having luminous, natural-looking skin, we swear by tinted face oil from Kosas ($42). Additionally, a host of other Cali companies are squeezing out gorgeous moisturizing and treatment face oils.
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best los angeles beauty tips neck
Getty Images/redchanka

2. Our Neck and Boobs Are Thirsty for Sunscreen

Maybe it’s all the surf, sun and windows-open driving, but we know we need to apply SPF 30 (like this one from star dermatologist dermatologist Harold Lancer) all the way down there. (The skin is thinner, so it needs extra help.)
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best beauty tips los angeles reiki blowout

3. Blowouts Can Be a Spiritual Exercise

Did you know your hair can provide insight into your psychic and emotional well-being? And that blow-drying your hair is about more than just bouncy, shiny curls? It’s all part of a Crownworks Reiki blowout, the 90-minute treatment that is a makeover for your inner and outer self.
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best beauty tips los angeles skin camp1

4. Now Your Face Needs Its Own Quickie Workout (Srsly)

At Skin Camp, the Sculpt facial is more like a 30-minute exercise class for your face. Stone spatulas, thumb-sized suction cups and quartz rollers massage, plump and smooth your skin—and you can see an immediate lifting effect.
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best beauty tips los angeles mist
Facebook/Kat Rudu

5. This Is The Hero Product You’re Not Using (and Should)

A quick spritz of a botanical face mist—after you cleanse and before or after you put on makeup—is going to balance your skin’s pH to the perfect 5.5, according to in-demand facialist Kat Rudu. As for the chamomile-laced one she makes? It smells like a gorgeous Hawaiian morning.
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best beauty tips los angeles shower cap

6. Hairstyling is Expensive, So Use Little Tricks to Make Your Color and Cut Last

Did you know there’s a new at-home conditioner that basically strengthens your hair’s chemical bonds? That sunscreen is important for your hair? And that shower caps have suddenly gotten glam? News flash: it’s all true.
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best beauty tips los angeles curology

7. Online Dermatologists Are the Way of the Future

Curology matches you with an online dermatologist who keeps tabs on how your skin is doing after you’ve used their specially mixed treatment for a month or so. It’s a personalized service, and it saves you from having to disrupt your routine to squeeze in dermatologist appointments (and the costs that go along with those visits). 
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