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Truth: Your day is just a little—OK, a lot—better when your hair is looking good. But brassy, flat or flaky strands can sneak up on you…and of course your stylist’s booked for weeks. Not to worry: These at-home products are here to save the (hair) day.

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LA hair fixes LIST1
Loxa Beauty


Your hair needs moisture, whether it’s from over-processing or from just being exposed to the zero-moisture situation of a desert climate. Trust us, the remedy is an oil—rub in one or two pumps on mid-length when your hair is wet, before blow-drying at a medium or low temperature, then apply a half-pump’s worth to the hair for a glossing effect once you’re done. This lightweight option is guaranteed not to weigh your hair down. 

Wella ($20)

LA hair fixes LIST2

Sudden Grays

It’s the night before that big interview/date/photo sesh and you notice a few rogue patches of gray in your otherwise perfectly toned hair. Throw on a jacket and get a root touch-up kit (or better yet, keep one around just in case) so you can apply color just to the part that needs coverage. This kit comes in 22 colors and lasts up to three weeks—aka enough time to line up a salon appointment for a permanent color sesh. 

Clairol ($7)

LA hair fixes LIST3

Sad Flatness

Sigh, your home attempts at blow-drying just never deliver the polish that a profesh blowout does. But they can get pretty close: Integrate a few pro techniques into your home dry, like sectioning off hair with clips and then drying an area at a time (start with the base for max volume). These rounded clips are engineered not to leave dents. All thumbs when styling at home? This book will help.

Drybar (four for $16)

LA hair fixes LIST4

Brassy/Green Blonde

Maybe you made the mistake of getting in a chlorine-filled swimming pool. Maybe you didn’t wear a hat. Maybe you just washed your hair in anything but Evian. Whatever the reason, now you need to take out the ugly tones from your ’spensive dye job. Put this purple-tinted conditioner on for just one minute and you’ll see instant results. (Then keep things fresh by using once a week thereafter.) Pretty!

Kevin Murphy ($40)

LA hair fixes LIST5


When you see half-strands all over your brush, it’s time to give your hair a rest, pronto. Skip the blowouts for a month and just wrap your hair gently in an absorbent microfiber turban to wick away the wetness (when hair is weakest) for five minutes. Then let your hair air-dry, which is such a trending look anyway.

Aquis ($30)

LA hair fixes LIST62

Itchy Scalp

Maybe it’s dandruff. Maybe it’s just dry scalp. Whatever it is, you’re tired of trying to surreptitiously scratch while sitting in your open-plan office. Before using one of those harsh dandruff shampoos, try this mild, soothing version that calms your scalp down with zinc while lessening flakes.

Dove ($5)

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