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We have a major crush on all things Kát Rudu. Her Venice Beach skin care studio is a go-to for the coolest celebs; her products are Cali-made, full of botanicals and super effective; and her skin care advice works even for those of us who aren’t shelling out upwards of $375 for one of her facials. Rudu told us that there’s one product most women aren’t using in their skin care regimen that can clear up acne, balance uneven color and seal enlarged pores. And it takes all of ten seconds. We’re talking about the humble face mist, the quick spray of micronized water and botanicals you spritz on after cleansing but before moisturizing. “The reason that you use this is to close the pores and set the pH balance, which should always be 5.5,” she advises. Here, six sprays we love. 

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Kát Rudu

Dewy Botanical Flower Mist

You can see little flower bits floating around in the bottle, so you know this is legit full of botanicals like chamomile, rose and (wild card) cantaloupe. It’s also got witch hazel, a naturally derived antiseptic that kills any bacteria that’s causing trouble in your pores, and the base is nitrate-free spring water sourced from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. (Which is where the most youthful-looking person ever, Dracula, is from, but we’re not saying there’s a connection.) What we will say is that after we tried a few spritzes every morning and night, our skin looked less irritated and more rested.

Kát Rudu ($32)


Rose Water Facial Toner

Pick up a bottle of this sweet-smelling rose water the next time you’re picking up dinner and spray it on to feel your pores close under its witch hazel and bark extract combo. It’s so well priced, we keep a bottle in our car for a quick spritz to reset our makeup after a midday touchup.

Trader Joe's ($12)


Beauty Elixir

This tingly spray comes to you from the French company that discovered grape skins are rich in resveratrol, a popular active ingredient in face and body lotions. There’s grape extract here, as well as rose and orange blossom extract, rosemary and mint (hence, the tingle). From the frosted bottle to the vaguely medicinal (but pleasant) scent, this adds a touch of French-girl cool to your beauty regimen.

Caudalie ($49)


Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water

Known for its beautiful packaging and nontoxic ingredients concentrated with active botanicals, Herbivore is a millennial-luxe brand any age will love. This mist starts with a base of organic coconut water, then adds in hibiscus flower as a plumping humectant (i.e., it sucks in water) and rose extract to refresh. The whole experience—as well as what your skin looks like after just a week of using it—will make you a clean beauty convert, if you’re not already.

Herbivore ($32)

Leahlani Skincare

Citrus & Citrine Regenerating Toning Mist

Made in Kauai, this formula has the mild, flowery scent of the islands. There’s basically a citrus salad in here: Blood orange, lemon and neroli balance oily, mature and acne-prone skin, while turmeric acts as a natural antibacterial agent. Each bottle also has a little citrine stone inside to promote joy, prosperity, energy and abundance. Which is a great deal from a face mist.

Leahlani Skincare ($46)

OSEA Malibu

Sea Vitamin Boost

Made in Malibu, this mist boasts red algae extract to plump your skin, pomegranate to quiet blemishes and other botanicals to even out your skin tone. Bonus: Take your empty glass bottles to the company’s Venice skin care studio for recycling and you’ll earn a $40 credit toward a facial.

Osea ($38)

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