30 Blunt Haircut Ideas for Every Length

You’ve probably already heard the many virtues of having layers in your hair (“it removes the bulk” and “it gives more shape to your cut”), but there is something to be said for a blunt haircut as well. For starters, it’s an excellent way to get rid of dead ends and bolster thin strands. In fact, a clean, even snip adds instant body and can even make your hair look healthier overall. Plus, a blunt haircut is undeniably stylish. (See Anna Wintour’s signature blunt bob.)

Still on the fence? You might be convinced after seeing some of our favorite blunt haircuts below—from long to short and every length in between.

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1. Awkwafina

The recent Golden Globe winner made history as the first Asian actress to win an award for Lead Actress in a Movie Comedy/Musical. To which we say, how about making her the first Asian actress to land a major shampoo commercial?

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2. Kaia Gerber

The genes say Cindy Crawford (who is indeed her mom if you couldn’t already tell by the striking resemblance). The choppy asymmetrical bob is all Kaia.

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3. Kerry Washington

This woman is as versatile with her roles as she is with her hair. Curly, straight, short or long: Kerry can pull off anything. Her blunt bob, however, is a cut above.

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4. Lucy Hale

The bob that spawned a million copycats. (New word: copycuts!)

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5. Rihanna

Sitting squarely above her shoulders, this cut is savage, as the kids say.

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6. Romi Van Renterghem

The bob meets curtain bangs.

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7. Lana Condor

Brb, writing a love letter to Lara Jean’s wavy lob.

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8. Gina Rodriguez

Take a page from Gina’s book and tuck one side behind an ear.

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9. Olivia Culpo

Paired with sideswept bangs and curled ends for an added pinch of polish.

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10. Jennifer Lopez

Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

11. Margot Robbie

Margot shows that a blend of highlights and lowlights can add dimension to a blunt cut (which is well suited for loose beachy waves).

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12. Anna Wintour

Perhaps the most iconic of blunt haircuts, Anna has been wearing this same style for decades. Just goes to show how timeless it is.

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13. Maisie Williams

For an edgy but sweet style, try pairing a sharp bob with a set of baby bangs like Maisie here.

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14. Emilia Clarke

Or skip the bangs and go for a single-length crop instead.

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15. Taylor Swift

Taylor’s mid-length cut and tapered bangs prove that a blunt haircut doesn’t have to look severe. The trick is to add in some loose waves and bend at the ends to soften the overall look.

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16. Anne Hathaway

You can’t really go wrong with a sleek lob. Rock it with a center part like Anne here, sweep it back or to the side...point is, you’ve got options.

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17. Michelle Williams

Michelle looks like a modern-day Marilyn with her platinum bob and retro waves.

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18. Charlize Theron

Fact: A pixie cut always pairs well with a deep, sideswept part. (The shorter style also highlights your cheekbones and jawline like no other.)

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19. Kim Kardashian

Kim’s sharp, shoulder-length cut is best worn with a center part and pin-straight locks for maximum effect. (Tiny sunglasses entirely optional.)

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20. Mandy Moore

Alternatively, if you prefer something a bit more lived-in, keep the center part but add some rumpled waves for texture. Bonus: The casual style lends an aura of cool to a dressy gown.

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21. Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is channeling Cleopatra here with her heavy bangs and blunt ends.

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22. Emma Stone

Anyone else beginning to wonder if Emma Stone has ever gotten it wrong? (Past photographic evidence points to no.) One of our favorite looks of the past year was this sleek, structured ensemble (and equally sharp hairstyle) she wore to the Louis Vuitton show.

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23. Solange Knowles

All hail the queen of cool. Solange shows us how to wear natural curls with blunt ends (and lilac eye shadow too).

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24. Lauren Conrad

Our favorite Laguna Beach alum has always shown a propensity for style. (She was an intern at Teen Vogue after all.) The contrasting ombré color hints at her beachy roots (both figuratively and literally), while the asymmetrical cut shows her keen judgment.

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25. Beyoncé

Um, Becky with the good hair who? Here’s Bey wearing the caramel-colored lob of our dreams (with a thick string of diamonds around her neck).

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26. Constance Wu

Constance is no stranger to changing up her hair. In the past year alone, we’ve seen her with baby bangs, space buns and extra-long wigs, but this effortless lob might be our favorite look to date.

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27. Jennifer Lawrence

If you’re looking to boost the volume of finer strands, blunt ends offer a shortcut (ha) to more oomph. They also lend an air of sophistication, as Jennifer shows us.

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28. Mindy Kaling

We love the way Mindy’s bangs blend in seamlessly with the rest of her hair. Tuck the opposite side behind one ear to further emphasize the sharp angles of the cut (and a pair of statement earrings).

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29. Reese Witherspoon

Mindy’s former costar also shows us the versatility of a blunt cut. Flipped out at the ends and slicked over, it’s the perfect complement to a strapless gown.

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30. Vanessa Hudgens

If you took Mindy’s sleek side part and combined it with Reese’s flipped ends, the result would be Vanessa’s chic bob. And with that, we end this list with a bang (and a bad dad joke, apparently).

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