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Here at PureWow, we’re a teensy bit obsessed with the latest beauty techniques/colorways/products. But we’re always ready to cry “ain’t no one got time for that” when something is too complicated, messy or requires graduate-level artistic skills. What’s left? The doable stuff you need to know about: Read on to learn the trends, treatments and tips that made the cut.

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Skip the foundation; instead, try skin glazing

Get a jump-start on spring’s bare-faced look by letting your skin shine naturally with a spritz of hydrating face mist, moisturizer and oil.

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Erase a whole layer of fine lines with this one product

Luminizing primer is the unsung hero of pro makeup artists. It creates a line-blurring glow that flatters with or without foundation over it, and it’s so sheer there’s no worry about blending it in.

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Make sure bold lipstick stays put

A few little tricks will make sure your ruby red doesn’t go for a walkabout all over your cheeks and wine glass.

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The Vampire Facelift sounds scary—but it works

What happens when you mix a little of your own blood, Restylane facial filler and a knowledgeable nurse? This trending in-office procedure shaves off about ten years, for real.

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Skin rolling is a 1,400-year-old fad that makes your skin glow

There are practically alchemical benefits of chilling these gemstone, tools then moving them across your face, with or without serum.

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Love the gel mani, hate what it does to our nails

Super-tough gel manicure, you leave our nails weakened, so why can’t we quit you? Because chip-proof color is worth any cost. So follow these rules to strengthen your post-mani nails.

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The surprising color that you need to put on your face

Rihanna does it, and she is not wrong.

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And another surprising color that flatters everyone’s eyes

Trust us: A pastel, amber or golden yellow shadow will make your eyes pop. In a good way.

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Everybody needs a brow product

Life is short, and chances are your eyebrow hairs are, too. Bushy-browed or barely haired, one of these products is going to make your whole face look groomed.

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Baby Botox is a thing you want to get into

No, not injecting infants with the neurotoxin—baby Botox is the new light-handed treatment for reducing wrinkles without totally freezing the face. Whew.

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Lazy girls, rejoice! These salon treatments save time and hassle

Some you know well (gel mani). Others you might be less familiar with (microblading). But all are totally worth salon time, since they make your daily regimen so much easier.

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