4 Editors on the One Beauty Product That Helped Them Feel More Confident About Their Skin

Picture this: You wake up feeling well rested on your alarm’s first ring. You splash some cool water on your face and look into the mirror, noticing that your skin looks poreless, dewy and clear enough to go foundation-free to work today. Sounds like some sort of Gwyneth Paltrow–inspired fever dream, no? But that kind of skin confidence is totally attainable, and our editors swear by these four miracle products to make it happen.

1. Foreo Ufo Smart Mask Treatment

One way to achieve your clear-skin dreams without investing in expensive rituals? A smart facial mask treatment, like the UFO from the Swedish brand Foreo. “I used to rely on goopy sheet masks and messy 15-minute clay treatments…or even worse for my wallet, expensive trips to the spa,” says Roberta Fiorito, a PureWow editor. “I made the swap to the UFO because of the 90-second time frame.” The cosmic-looking tool works in tandem with the brand’s masks, which clip onto the device. In the minute and a half it takes to use, the UFO employs heat, sonic pulsations and LED therapy to optimize the essence application for a spa-level facial at home in less than two minutes. Just download the app, scan the mask’s bar code and follow the instructions from there. “I love the fresh floral scent of the Make My Day mask ($10) for the morning and the super moisturizing Call It a Night mask ($10) before bed,” adds Fiorito.

2. Tatcha The Water Cream

This oil-free, anti-aging moisturizer is made with Japanese nutrients and botanicals that reduce the look of pores and encourage skin cell turnover, making it a cosmetics bag staple for one of our editors. “My skin, especially in the winter, is always so depleted and flaky and dry,” says Rachel Bowie, PureWow’s director of special projects. “I’ve tried so many different moisturizers over time and none of them seep into my pores the way Tatcha’s Water Cream does. It feels light as air when it goes on and never greasy. It’s so good that I actually went makeup-free most of the time during the holidays and got compliments on my radiant skin. It’s officially a staple in my beauty arsenal.”

3. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

This baby has a major cult following for its dual-purpose properties (read: more bang for your buck). You can use it as a weekly moisturizing mask or apply it nightly under your peepers as an eye cream. Its special formula contains chestnut extract, vitamin C and niacinamide to polish skin’s texture, reduce fine lines and pores, and even out dark spots and redness. “This mask has been a total game changer for my dry winter skin,” says Kara Cuzzone, assistant affiliate editor. “I use it once or twice a week in place of my nighttime moisturizer and wake up with a glowy complexion Every. Damn. Time.”

4. Clark's Botanicals Dual Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask & Exfoliating Treatment

Part charcoal mask, part exfoliating cleanser, this two-in-one product is perfect for those who are not looking to invest a ton of time in a nightly routine. The mask-slash-cleanser contains charcoal to absorb impurities and oil, plus jasmine, Chinese ginger plant extract, brown algae and jojoba oil to reduce fine lines and protect skin from environmental aggressors. “This exfoliating cleanser and charcoal mask duo is my ride-or-die skincare item,” says Madison Russell, ONE37pm’s style editor. “It transformed me from a full-coverage foundation user to a tinted-moisturizer girl and makes me love my skin. One hundred percent recommend.”

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