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Self-love is a personal thing, and our favorite way to express that is by splurging on the best beauty products. But we don’t want to harsh our mellow fighting mall crowds or waiting for an online order to arrive. So we were thrilled to discover our humble neighborhood CVS Pharmacy has tons of fancy and feel-good products. (Pro tip: Sign up for the free ExtraCare Beauty Club for a 10 percent discount and $5 credit for every $50 you spend on beauty.)

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Smooth Your Skin: Biotherm Anti-Drying Body Milk

Know that terrible thick layer of grease that mass-market lotions leave on your skin? Not here. This hydrates skin without leaving an oily feeling, and it has a fresh citrus scent.

Biotherm ($46)

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Extra Exfoliate: Bliss Hot Salt Scrub

You can pay top dollar for a spa worker to scrub you soft, or you can rub in this clean-smelling scrub before bath time at home. Added bonus: It warms up as you rub it in, all spa-treatment like.

Bliss ($38)

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Smile Bigger: Ciate London Patent Pout Women’s Lip Lacquer

The coverage of lipstick and the shininess of gloss in an imported cruelty-free formula, i.e., extremely glam.

Ciate ($18)

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Fix Flyaways: L’Oreal Elnett Satin UV Filter Aerosol Hair Spray Extra Strong Hold

Even if “hair spray” sounds like “old lady hair helmet” to you, try this formula. It preserves your style, doesn’t leave white flakes on your hair and actually adds shine.

L'Oreal ($17)

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Cleanse Better: Vichy Purete Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Micellar Solution

Micellar “water”—actually a French skin cleanser that uses glycerin to glom onto makeup and impurities and then wipe it away, without requiring actual H2O—streamlines your before-bed routine.

Vichy ($17)

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Fix Your Fingers: Nailtiques Cuticle and Skin Gel

It’s fast magic for smoothing elbows and calluses as well as crusty cuticles.

Nailtiques ($15)

LA cvs beauty list 7

Wear SPF 50: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Serum

Beauty bloggers love this brand for its invisible coverage, and this serum includes antioxidants to lessen fine lines while it’s protecting your skin.

La Roche-Posay ($42)

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Shine Yourself: Sevani Botanica Moroccan Argan Beauty Oil

After your shower, apply this to your body, face and hair (basically everywhere except your gums) for a healthy, glossy coat to rival any Labrador retriever’s.

Sevani Botanica ($50)

LA cvs beauty list 9

Strengthen Your Hair: Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray

Guess what? Your hair hates heat-styling tools. So think of this light, paraben-free spray as a way to protect your locks (and their costly cut and color) from split ends, breakage, fading and frizz when you’re blowing, curling and straightening.

Alterna ($25)

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Clean Your Brushes: Beautyblender Women’s BlenderCleanser Solid

Guilty confession: We never clean our brushes and sponges because who has time for that mess? This bar-soap-in-a-jar and drying-screen situation takes all of 90 seconds and is so satisfying. And we look prettier without using our dirty old makeup kit.

Beautyblender ($20)

LA cvs beauty list 11

Smell Fancy: Black Orchid by Tom Ford Eau De Parfum

Oh hey there, peppery floral big-name fragrance. You smell expensive—even though you cost $10 less here than in department stores.

Tom Ford ($110)

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