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Introducing Lip Liner and Lipstick in One Awesome Tube
Benefit Cosmetics

The thing about wearing lipstick—especially one in a statement shade like red—is that it can easily look sloppy without the help of some liner. But most of us don’t bother with the stuff because A) it’s another step to fuss with and B) it’s an extra product to buy and keep around. (Not to mention, when your lipstick fades, dark liner can go real ’90s, real fast.)

Enter Benefit’s new They're Real! Big Sexy Lip Kit, which takes the traditionally two-step (and two-product) process of lining and filling in your lips and packs it into one tube. 

How it works: Each lipstick has a split-tip bullet that’s shaped like a teardrop. The darker shade sits at the point, while its complimentary—and slightly lighter—hue sits directly below it. When you swipe the stick across your lips, the pointed end neatly defines the outer edges, while the creamy center fills in the rest. 

How to use them: Line up the point with your upper lip and glide the color on. To do your bottom lip, just flip the tip so that it’s facing down and swipe as you normally would. Press your lips together to softly blend and you’re good to go. 

Each kit costs $29 and comes with four palm-sized lipsticks: a coral, a fuchsia, a rosy nude and a cherry red. Here’s hoping they make full-size versions soon, because we have a feeling we're gonna run through these babies fast.

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