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Is there anything worse than someone telling you, “You look tired”? Sure, maybe you had one too many glasses of rosé at happy hour…or you got sucked into another episode of The Handmaid’s Tale at 2 a.m., but your face doesn’t need to show it. Here’s how to fool everyone into thinking that you’ve just awoken from a blissful eight-hour slumber.

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If, like yours truly, you’re prone to Edward Scissorhands-level dark circles, steep a couple of bags of green tea, cool them in the freezer and stick ’em on your eyes for ten minutes. The caffeine and tannins in the tea work to constrict blood vessels and promote circulation. (Also, drink the tea for an internal pick-me-up.)

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Oops, you missed out on those extra hours of skin-cell repair and collagen production. (If that’s not a reason to turn off the Netflix, we don’t know what is.) A serum with hyaluronic acid can help pick up some of the slack. And it’s not a bad idea to start using one on the reg as you get older.

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Still have some residual shadows left over? Cover them the right way: For shadows, your best bet is a warm color corrector (peach for lighter skin tones, papaya for darker ones) to cancel out the bluish cast, followed by your usual concealer; if bags are your primary concern, this strategic technique will smooth them right out.

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OK, now that you’ve neutralized your canvas, a few extra touches will complete the I-definitely-didn’t-stay-up-until-2 illusion. Dot brightener on the inner and outer corners of your eyes, a smidge of highlighter just under your lower lashes and a dab of dewy cream blush on your cheeks (avoid anything too matte, which can make tired skin look dull).

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Open Up Your Eyes

Never underestimate the power of a good mascara (and eyelash curler). By sweeping your lashes upward, you’ll give the illusion of bright, wide-awake eyes…even if on the inside, you’re counting the minutes until you can crawl back into bed.

And If All Else Fails…Distract

Today’s the day to rock the statement lip, people. A bright pout (in a fresh, springy shade, perhaps) is the best way to ensure no one picks up on the fact that you’re less than rested.

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