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You’re at a cocktail party and your pal casually mentions that the reason she’s glowing like a 25-year-old is Botox. Wouldn’t you like to know how much she just shelled out? Here, nine buzzy beauty services and their average costs (depending on doctor and geographic location).

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beauty cost nails1

Nail Art: $10 to $45

While some salons charge by the minute (minimalist lines take a lot less time to do than a negative space mani), most charge set fees based on the design you pick out. 

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beauty cost eyelash
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Eyelash Extensions: $100 to $150

Sure, extensions last only four to six weeks, but imagine going without mascara for almost 42 days straight. That’s where the opportunity cost comes in.

beauty cost botox

Botox: $350 to $600

In most cases, this service is priced by the facial area—aka your forehead versus your frown lines. Why is that? The cost comes from the number of vials of Botox required for that particular area. (FYI, the results usually last between three to five months.)

beauty cost laserhair

Laser Hair Removal: $350 to $600

The cost varies depending on the part of your body you’re removing hair from. For example: Your bikini line might set you back about $350 while your legs could cost you as much as $600. (FYI, it usually takes a few visits to get full results, but you can expect them to last for years before you might need a touch-up.)

beauty cost teeth

Teeth Whitening: $650

Hiring a pro isn’t cheap, but in most cases it yields better results than over-the-counter strips. Still, age and heredity are a factor (as well as the level of stains), which is why it’s worth having a consultation with your doc first.

beauty cost eyebrows1

Microblading: $500 to $900

This semi-permanent eyebrow solution (hair-like strokes are actually tattooed on to give the illusion of thicker brows) typically lasts six to 12 months, depending on how rough you are on them. 

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beauty cost lips1

Lip Fillers: $500 to $2,000

It will set you back a pretty penny to get a plumper pout, depending on your doctor and where you live, but one treatment will last you four to six months.

beauty cost sculpting

Cool Sculpting: $2,000 to $4,000

This procedure—which kills fat cells in areas like the belly or thighs by freezing them—is priced according to your treatment plan (i.e., how much you want to freeze off, and from which parts of the body).

beauty cost boobs
Zhenikeyev/Getty Images

Boob Job: $3,700

FYI, this is the average fee for the surgery. (It also doesn’t include the cost of other procedure-related incidentals like medical follow-ups and new bras.)

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