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10 Beauty Products You Can Give Up Forever

There are some things (like lip balm and mascara) we can’t live without. And others (ahem, every contouring product ever) we could honestly never touch again. Here are ten beauty products that you could consider purging for good.

1. Face toners. Try micellar water. It removes makeup, cleanses and tones in a single step--and bottle.

2. Neck cream. Anything you’d wear on your face is good enough for your neck so just make sure to extend the love below the chin.

3. Hand cream. Nothing your body lotion can’t do.

4. Lip scrub. A less fussy way to remove flakes? A damp washcloth.

5. Cellulite cream. Sorry to break it to you, but no amount of firming potion will get rid of thigh dimples. Working out will. 

6. Shaving cream. Stubbly legs, meet coconut oil. You’re already using it everywhere else.

7. Makeup primers. Face. Lash. Lid. Lip. There’s a primer for everything, but you don’t really need any of them. A dab of moisturizer and sweep of setting powder can prep and set just about anything.

8. Highlighter and bronzer. Get a similar effect using a palette of eye shadows (really). Use light champagne shadows to brighten around the eyes and warm taupes to sculpt cheekbones.

9. Brow powder. Again, look to your nifty palette for help. Fill in arches with one of the darker brown shadows and set them in place with a tiny dab of lip balm.

10. Hair texturizing spray. Another reason to love your dry shampoo? It gives you all the texture you need to secure slippery strands and rock a tousled look (while, of course, sopping up excess oil).

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