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Highlighter. Shimmering bronzer. Every facial serum that Gwyneth Paltrow is slinging. Sounds like…an oily skin nightmare. But that’s just what you assume. The truth, is you shouldn’t shy away from the best of what summer beauty has to offer. Scroll for eight seemingly troublesome products that every woman with oily skin can, in fact, use.

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Skyn Iceland

Facial Oil

Yes, it has oil in the name. But sometimes the reason your skin is oily is because it’s overcompensating for what it lacks (yes, really). Supplement your complexion with a pea-sized drop of this lightweight formula in place of your daily moisturizer.

Skyn Iceland ($35)



If you’re avoiding highlighter because you can’t even fathom adding more sheen to your already “glowing” mug, think again. This chubby stick comes with a built-in blending sponge to absorb (and tone down) any unwanted shine. Just make sure to apply only to your upper cheekbones—avoiding the apples of your cheeks and anywhere around your forehead.

Smashbox ($27)

Sigma Beauty

Shimmery Shadow

Don’t let a little sparkle become your kryptonite. Instead, look for a product that’s buildable, so you can subtly dot the inner corner of your eyes or dare to attempt the smoky look. (With a little help from eyeshadow primer, of course.)

Sigma Beauty ($9)



Oily Skin Commandment #1: Never skip on morning lotion because you think it might help you bypass oil later. This non-greasy formula will keep you balanced around the clock. 

Kiehl's ($28)


Illuminating Powder

When you’re reaching for pressed powder midday, opt for a pearl shade. This color actually plays down any shine while reflecting light so your T-zone looks glowy, not sweaty.

Becca ($35)

Sanitas Skincare

Face Mist

You spend a lot of time perfecting your mattifying foundation, so the thought of spraying anything onto your face gives you major anxiety. Ease up. This lightweight mist doubles as a makeup setting spray so you’ll never have to worry about overturning all of your hard, anti-oil work.

Sanitas Skincare ($18)


Cleansing Oil

Listen up: Wiping off the day with an oil-based cleanser won’t result in extra oil tomorrow. Instead it will give your skin all the nutrients it needs to replenish and hydrate overnight.

DHC ($28)


Mattifying Duo

OK, so this product is technically made to combat oil, but it was too clever to pass up. A two-in-one mattifying balm, this stick helps to cover-up pores and control shine, but also includes a hidden blotting sheet dispenser (!) should the moment call for a discreet swipe.

Trèstique ($34)

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