5 Skin Care Trends You Need to Know, According to Bona Fide Beauty Innovators

Frommagnetic lashestodermalinfusion, it seems like there’s an impossible number of new beauty trends to read up on, let alonetry.To help us sift through the options, we put it to the experts—three women in charge of developing new products or promoting new ingredients—to find out which formulations are worth your while.

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Keep It Simple

K-beauty isn’t going anywhere, but lengthy, multi-step routines are giving way to something a little more convenient.  With everyone and their mom on a 24-7 grind, multipurpose hero products are the way forward. “We are seeing more and more ‘more is less’ attitudes, whether it’s skin care routine or formulation,” says Kim-Davy Hoeu, founder of KDH Concepts, a product development consultancy. “I vote for a more minimalist approach using fewer but harder-working ingredients. In K-beauty, this is sometimes called ‘skip care,’ and the concept is definitely appealing.”

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Superfoods, Super Skin

Green tea, spinach, kale, turmeric: good for your body, good for your skin. “[You’re definitely] going to see superfood ingredients climb the charts,” says Kimberly LaFleur, who oversees new brand development at Maesa (clients include Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty and celeb hairstylist Kristin Ess’s eponymous product line). “Mushrooms, specifically, are having a moment, and with more research and development, I think we will see more benefits that arise from this family.” Mushroom-derived ingredients can already be found in Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation and Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer.

While green beauty has been on our radar for a while, blue beauty is the face of the future, according to Hoeu, who has created product lines for Rodial, Crabtree & Evelyn and Elizabeth Arden. Packed with amino acids and minerals, blue ingredients are derived from the ocean (think spirulina) and are known to boast big beauty benefits, from preventing water loss to blocking free radicals.

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Contact High

With the launch of luxe e-tailer Fleur Marché, brands like Leef and Populum, and buzzy new products like Milk Makeup’s Kush Lip Balm, CBD mania shows no signs of slowing. “I think CBD is going to be more prolific now, but I don’t think we fully understand its full range of uses and benefits,” La Fleur explains. “I think there’s this misconception that CBD is a magic ingredient that we can sprinkle into every product without understanding what it will do. We certainly need more education on its uses, and I’m sure we will have more innovative products launching with more efficient uses of the ingredient.”

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Loli Beauty

You First

“The biggest trend I have noticed this year is bespoke beauty,” says Destinee Handly, creative director of Innocos, a global beauty summit where thought leaders unveil game-changing products. “Customization and consumer input is leading innovation in beauty brands.” Check your emails, and you’ll probably notice cosmetics brands asking you to weigh in on the development of future lines.

Hoeu agrees: “Customized skin care is very much a priority for newbie brands, including Skinsei—a new project under the Unilever umbrella—as well as Proven Beauty and Atolla Skin Lab, which rely on A.I. to create customized skin experiences.” Recently, Hoeu discovered Loli Beauty, a sustainable and certified Made Safe beauty brand that upcycles food-grade ingredients. Loli’s “BIY” (blend it yourself) range helps you create your own skin care recipe that’s easy to use and custom-fitted for you.

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Look Ma, No Plastic

“I am very into transformative textures: something that starts out usually as a solid and morphs into a liquid, gel or cream,” Handly says. Imagine being able to nix the plastic tube and transport your favorite hand moisturizer in a pill that dissolves between your fingers. These Matrix-style products earn serious sustainability points too.

As new trends continue to disrupt beauty routines, there’s a slow but steady movement toward eco-friendliness. “Sustainability is the standard now,” LaFleur says. “It will be interesting to see how brands develop products, taking into account the environment.” We couldn’t agree more: Good for your skin and good for the earth is a match made in beauty heaven!