The Disgusting (but Life-Changing) Thing We Just Did to Our Feet

All in the name of perfect pedicures

Alright, ladies. Let's talk pedicures. They leave you buffed and polished and less embarrassed than your previous hobbit-like state. But you're really just shelling out $30 to have someone with a glorified cheese grater come at you, right?

That's why we heeded the recommendation of about a dozen friends and tried Baby Foot.

It's a very strange at-home foot peel (you heard us: foot peel) that causes your external layer of skin to slough off. Here's the deal: You order these disposable orthopedic-looking booties online ($25 a treatment) that come filled with a cool gel (involving 17 different natural extracts). Basically, you wear them around the house for an hour, rinse off the goo and wait several days for what comes next.

Stay with us. We're getting to the good part...

Your literal entire foot will molt like a garden snake in August. (Google "Baby Foot exfoliation" at your own risk and maybe also invest in a Roomba.) Evidently, the fruit acids in the goo seep into your skin, promote new growth and shed off the dead. Over the course of a week and a half, our foot skin came off in sheets. It was, without a doubt, the grossest beauty treatment we've ever tried. And also the most fascinating.

We can't decide if we just paint our own toenails from here on out or go ahead and splurge on the calf massage, but we can rest easy knowing our heels will never be subject to a potato peeler again.