4 Essentials That’ll Give You an At-Home Spa Experience (and Also Make Great Gifts)

When it comes to self-care, at-home spa days are at the top of our list. But without the right tools and supplies, simply hanging out in the bathroom can feel a little…lackluster. Here, four essential items that will set the self-care mood—and deliver results—for your most fabulous night in yet. Hot holiday tip: These also make great gifts.

foreo ufo 2 device product shot

1. Foreo Ufo 2 Skincare Infuser

If you miss your esthetician like no other, we're here to let you in on a little secret: the Swedish brand FOREO UFO 2 device. It's a high-tech improvement of the Korean skincare staple—masking—that turns a 20-minute sheet mask routine into a 90-second treatment. Using hyper-infusion technology that combines heating (thermotherapy), cooling (cryotherapy) and T-sonic pulsations, the device instantly infuses skincare ingredients into the deepest layer of skin to rejuvenate, stimulate microcirculation and reduce any imperfections your skin is dealing with. Trust—all of this creates a luxurious and relaxing pampering experience that provides a soothing facial massage with the help of the diverse technological features. Did we mention the full spectrum LED light therapy? Yep, the UFO 2 even has eight different LED lights to provide targeted photofacials.

With the FOREO app, you can even personalize your routine. Use the device on top of your own skincare, or choose from any of the 14 types of UFO-activated masks that target different skin needs, and you’re already on your way to the at-home spa day you deserve.

brooklyn candles votive set

2. Brooklyn Candle Studio 3 Votive Set

Of course we had to include candles—because what better way to set a spa-like mood, both aroma- and lighting-wise? But instead of reaching for your largest three-wick, grab a set of votives for the ultimate experience. Here's why: By placing each small candle in a different corner of your bathroom (just mind your towels and tissues), you'll not only get to enjoy the relaxing flicker of the flame from all angles, but you'll also be creating a different scent moment in each space (all without overwhelming your nose). This set in particular from Brooklyn Candle Studio is hand-poured in luxurious matte black glass, and comes in Santal, Hinoki and Balsam fragrances for a woodsy scent profile that'll remind you of an actual high-end spa.

bamboo bath caddy

3. Gardner Bamboo Bath Caddy

Once you've completed your facial, what better way to continue the spa vibes than with a soak in the tub? But to avoid Bubble Bath Burnout (you know, that feeling when you start to get a little bored in there after about 10 minutes), add a bamboo bath caddy to your set up. That way, you'll be able to prop up a book without getting it wet, set down a glass of wine without fear of knocking it off the edge of the tub and place one of those votive candles we talked about. This one is expandable to fit most tubs and has a special slot for each of your bath time necessities, making the experience as indulgent as possible.

ouai scalp and body scrub

4. Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub

One of the best parts about soaking in said tub is undoubtedly the chance to polish your skin from head to toe. To make it feel like a true at-home spa, equip your tub with a product that smells as delicious as the scrub is sensuous. With the brand's signature Melrose Place scent (an irresistible blend of bergamot, lychee, cedar-wood, and white musk), this scalp and body scrub will make you feel like you just blew a gift certificate at a five-star oasis. Sugar crystals will deeply exfoliate your scalp and body without drying it out, and probiotics will keep your skin's natural bacteria levels in balance. Fatty acids found in the coconut oil nourish and moisturize for a silky smooth finish that will leave your skin feeling spoiled.