Alyssa Hertzig

Meet the magazine editor turned beauty maven

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When Alyssa Hertzig started her blog, The Sparkly Life, seven years ago, she was hustling as a full-time beauty editor at Allure magazine. Constantly surrounded by innovation in the industry, and personally hungry for more, Alyssa had a major “why not me?” moment—and set about carving out her own niche, full steam ahead. Now a freelance writer, brand consultant, mother of two and lifestyle and beauty blogger, it’s safe to say Alyssa has penned her own success story. Get to know this inspiring industry insider, below.

On her perfect day in Hoboken. “First, I would get a blowout at Up & Out salon (all the stylists there are great, but Clarissa is my favorite). My perfect day must include good hair, after all. Next, I'd go for a private Pilates session with Lauren at Bum Pilates. I've done Pilates here twice a week for the past four years and it has totally changed my body and the way that I work out. At night, I'd finish up with dinner at Antique Bar & Bakery. It's a century-old bakery that has long been famed for the bread made in its gigantic coal oven (apparently Frank Sinatra used to demand Antique's bread shipped to him wherever he was!). Now it's become a restaurant, too, and it is hands down the coolest—and yummiest—spot in Hoboken. I'd start with the Spaghetti Squash Carbonara, move on to the Lasagna Edges for my main course, and then end with the insane bread pudding for dessert.”

On the best piece of advice she's ever received. “I don't know if I can pick just one piece of advice, but one that stuck with me was when I was in negotiations for a job I really wanted a few years back. It was for one of those things that I wanted so bad and would have been willing to do for much less than I deserved. I asked a friend for advice and she said, ‘Know your worth. Yes, the opportunity is awesome, but so are you.’ The point is, that in any negotiation, you can't forget that they want you just as much as you want them. So don't sell yourself short. Fight for what you deserve and remember that you are awesome too.”

On the top beauty trick in her book. “A few years ago, I started getting my hair blown out at the start of every week and then I just keep it going for the next several days. This was the best move I ever made! First, I feel so much more confident if my hair looks good, so I walk taller, my mood is better—I'm just happier. And second, it shaves so much time off my morning routine. Instead of spending forever slaving over my hair each morning, I just have to brush it and go.”


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