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Ever worry that your eyelash curler is just too…impersonal?

Meet Voir, the beauty tool of the future, which is custom-designed using a 3-D printer to fit the unique shape of your eyes and your eyes only.

Though Voir is still currently in pre-order (sign up here to get one when they hit shelves), the basic premise is pretty cool: You start by downloading a mobile app, which miraculously turns your smartphone into a 3-D scanner. Then you take a bunch of selfies, which the app uses to create an exact replica of your face.

From this model, the Voir team will create your personalized curler, built to perfectly line up with the root of every eyelash (even the hard-to-reach outer corners), leaving you with a nice C-shaped curl.

Does it work? Who knows. Would we try it? Hell, yeah.

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