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Oily skin is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it means you always look dewy (on trend!), but on the other, it’s kind of a bitch to manage--especially in the cold weather. Here, three super-helpful tips for keeping your skin in check no matter how frigid it is.

skin scarf

Invest in a massive scarf

Harsh winds and freezing temperatures can cause skin to produce excess oil. (Thanks for overcompensating, face.) To keep your skin from getting even oilier, create a physical barrier from the elements. That’s why we rely on giant scarves and high-collared jackets to keep the oil situation under control.

skin moisturize


It seems counterintuitive, yes, but it’s always important for ladies with oily skin to moisturize (winter, spring, summer and fall). The key here is choosing the right product. Look for oil-free formulas that provide subtle hydration. We like these options from Kate Somerville ($65), Renée Rouleau ($38) and BareMinerals ($29).  

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skin food

Watch what you eat

Some foods, notably processed or sugar-packed ones, irritate the skin and make it produce more oil. This happens all year long, but if you’re anything like us, your diet kind of goes off the rails come holiday season. We’re not suggesting forgoing the dessert table altogether, but maybe limit it to one slice of pecan pie instead of two (after loading up on salmon). Your beautiful, appropriately dewy face will thank you.

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