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Do you find yourself coveting today’s hip bookish frames, but feel like you don’t have the face to pull off the look? If so, you’re not alone. (Oh, what we’d give for the confidence of the world’s Joy Bianchis.)

Luckily, Garrett Leight California Optical is here to advise on who can wear what.

The chic L.A. eyewear outfitter, now open on Hayes Street (and possibly giving Warby Parker a run for its money), has frames for every face shape, whether you’re in need of spectacles or sunglasses. Here, we break down what to look for depending on your features.



If this is you, count yourself blessed. Oval faces look great in a wide variety of styles. Just steer clear of frames that are too narrow; they’ll distort your face’s balanced proportions.

Try: The best-selling Kinney is clean, classic and unisex.



Avoid circular or oversized frames, which will only accentuate your roundness. Go for more rectangular shapes to offset your natural shape.

Try: Bryn Mawr will elongate your look.



Look for oval or round frames, which will elongate and soften your angular shape.

Try: The super-cool Wilson M Sun features color-gradient lenses and a metal filigree frame.



The goal is to minimize the width at the top of your face. Try thin or rimless frames, and avoid anything that is top-heavy or has a cat-eyed shape.

Try: Grant is a thin, lightweight combination acetate and metal frame.



This is the rarest face shape, categorized by strong cheekbones. (Hello, model.) The objective here is to soften those cheekbones and draw attention to your eyes.

Try: A cat-eyed frame, like the Lucille Sun, gives an upswept effect that works best with this face shape.

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