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Whats a Skin Cleanse?
All the fixins for Adina's mayo mask.
Adina Grigore

We’re all too familiar with cleansing. The journals. The trips to the farmers' market. Gwyneth Paltrow.

But what about cleansing your skin? Guess what: The same rules apply.

That’s the crux of S.W. Basics founder Adina Grigore’s new book, Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin. (A mouthful, yes. A fad, no.)

Plagued by troubled skin in her twenties, Grigore decided to use her background in holistic nutrition to treat her complexion with the same all–natural ethos she applied her patients' diets. Olive oil became moisturizer; apple-cider vinegar doubled as toner. In 24 hours, she noticed a difference. And now she’s luminous.

In her book (a workbook of sorts), Grigore translates that experience into a series of guidelines. It starts with a stint about food (dairy, sugar and alcohol are still the bad guys), but it also teaches you how to keep a product journal and analyze what could be causing your breakouts and then supplies a full rehab regimen.

What’s more, the last few pages are chock-full of soothing natural recipes you can whip up right in your kitchen. Grigore has even given us one she thinks will defuse our transitioning skin. Hint: It involves mayo.

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