So, You Sprayed on Too Much Perfume...Heres What to Do

Congrats! You’re leaving the house semi on time. A quick finishing touch (i.e., a spritz of perfume) and you’re good to go. Only “spritz” is a vaaast understatement--you hit the trigger way too hard and now you’re drenched. There’s no time to shower, but luckily there are a few little tricks to taking care of aromageddon without starting from scratch.

Option 1: Dab the area of skin with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Option 2: Slather fragrance-free lotion on the affected area.

Option 3: Wipe your wrists (or neck, or wherever else you spray perfume) with baby wipes.

No matter which route you take, all three methods are super effective at diluting the scent. Your cubicle-mate, nay, the entire office, will thank you.

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