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8 Things That Might Happen If You Stop Washing Your Face with Soap

You know the rules: Washing your face before bed is an absolute must. But a new movement says that using soap may be totally optional. (Said movement favors other, more natural products like face oil or micellar water.) We decided to do some digging to get the dirty truth about what might happen if you were to forgo the suds. Here, eight shocking possibilities.

1. You might stop breaking out so much. Yes, there actually is such a thing as over-cleansing your face (especially for those prone to acne). Your efforts to combat bacteria with soap can actually strip your skin, causing it to overcompensate and produce more oil. Facial oils are more balancing--they cleanse and moisturize at the same time without causing irritation.

2. Eventually, you might not need moisturizer at all. One of the best things about face oil (or rose water, etc.) is its hydrating properties. Over time, as your skin adjusts, you may be able to replace your moisturizer altogether (just don’t forget to apply SPF).

3. You could toss your makeup remover, too. Yep, face oil is the fastest and most gentle way to remove left-behind product residue, whether it’s your dark black eyeliner or red lip stain. Simply apply the oil and wipe your makeup away.

4. But your skin’s texture could change. Exfoliation matters. When you stop washing your face with soap, a layer of dead skin cells starts to build up on the surface. If you switch to oil, you’ll need to build twice-a-week exfoliation into your routine.

5. Your friends will compliment you on your dewy complexion. Face oils--which contain antioxidants and vitamins and have anti-inflammatory properties--will help restore moisture levels to your face. Hello, gorgeous.

6. But it might take you an extra five to ten minutes to clean your face. When applying oil, you need to be sure your skin is completely saturated to reap the benefits. Once you massage it into your skin, it’s best to leave it on for up to ten minutes to deep clean your pores.

7. You’ll need to give your skin a few weeks to adjust. Test a small patch before switching to oil, especially if you have sensitive skin. But be patient. You’ll need to give your skin time to detox and adjust to the new products.

8. Cleaning your face will feel like a trip to the spa. Especially since you can add essential oils like lavender or peppermint to your routine.

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