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Galvanic Facial
Before getting zapped, you bake under a leather face cone at Marianne Kehoe

Like weird beauty treatments? Here are the outer limits--at least until the live snail facial gets here from Japan.

Electricity: Stars like model Erin Wasson are clients of facialist Marianne Kehoe, who tracked down a little-known German machine to provide her galvanic treatment. First, a paste chock-full of nourishing ingredients like yucca root is applied; then it?s topped with an electrically charged mask, which shocks the skin into absorbing nutrients. Apart from leaving behind a mild metallic taste from the voltage, it?s perfectly comfortable and left us glowing. (1 hour, $120) Marianne Kehoe Skin Studio, 4383 Tujunga Ave. Ste. L, Studio City; 818-509-0384 or

Blood: Last year Kim Kardashian had an uncomfortable ?vampire facial? on television. And still people are trying this method, where a client?s blood is drawn, mixed with fillers such as Restylane, then injected into the face. Personally, we're going to wait for the vampire mask to hit pharmacy shelves. Find a local provider at

Human Placenta: Dr. Harold Lancer pioneered placenta facials, in which a cream made from human afterbirth is applied under a mesh mask. Our friends (and Victoria Beckham) have raved about the $500 enzyme-rich treatment, a new take on baby-soft skin. Lancer Dermatology, 440 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills; 310-278-8444 or

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