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You don’t hear the phrase “like dry cleaning for your face” often.

And living in a grimy city like New York, you don’t hear that phrase and not become immediately intrigued by whatever magical (or potentially frightening) experience may be associated with it.

We can tell you from experience, it is indeed magical. And it’s at Skin Laundry, a California facial bar that just opened in Flatiron.

Here’s what it is: a ten-minute treatment using very mild lasers and light therapy to deep-clean your pores, smooth your skin’s surface and regulate pigmentations.

Here’s what it is not: anything close to a chemical peel. The idea is more about regular, gentle maintenance. (We left feeling totally refreshed, without a drop of redness.)

Depending on your skin’s needs, you could come in as little as once every few months or as much as once every few days. Also, the more you visit, the cheaper the treatments become. A single pop costs $100 (similar to any other facial), but a package of ten is only $500. Or you could opt into a monthly subscription for $65 per visit or a weekly subscription at $50 a visit.

Gives new meaning to getting taken to the cleaners.

3 W. 16th St. (at Fifth Ave.); 646-760-9298 or

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