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We often ask ourselves: Howww is it that 40-year-olds still get zits? (It could be smog, hormones, last-night’s truffle fries--who knows?)

And lately, all we’ve heard around the Interwebs is the genius of the Korean beauty industry. So we decided to put one specific buzzy Korean product to the test.

Meet the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch.

One packet ($5) comes with 24 clear patches of varying sizes. Each patch contains a small but powerful amount of salicylic acid, surrounded by a hydrocolloid adhesive (which Korean hospitals use in wound care).

After an evening shower (post-drying, pre-moisturizing), we placed a patch on one of our blemishes and hit the hay. The morning result? Disgusting and amazing.

When you peel off the patch, the, um, contents of your pimple come with it. (Like a Bioré strip to the max.) We were still left with a little redness (though lightened). But the inflammation was down drastically and the skin smoothed over--allowing us to (for once) properly cover that bugger with makeup.

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