This Hair Spray Will Cut Your Drying Time in Half

Your morning minutes are precious. You’ve trimmed down your routine by making overnight oats for breakfast and hanging a wrinkled dress next to the shower to steam.

But your hair. Ugh, your hair.

For all of your life, you’ve resigned yourself to spending 15 solid minutes (at the least) to dry your damp mane. What if we told you you could do it in three?

Meet the Speed Dry Spray from Color Wow. (No relation.)

It was originally created to cut down on heat applied to color-treated hair (so highlights could last longer). But even with untouched strands, we thought we’d give it a whirl, and holy cow, it’s a game changer.

Here’s what you do: After your shower, towel dry your hair as usual. Lift and tousle your roots, while spraying the product all over. (You can even apply other products on top of that, like your trusty volumizing mousse.) Dry like normal.

Three minutes later: all done. Really.

Best of all, you're not left with goopy product overload. Our bouncy little blowout felt just as light and lasted just as long as normal. Now go enjoy those extra 12 minutes of life.

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