The Trick to At-Home Gray Coverage from Clairol
Who knew covering gray could add bounce and shine?
Ethan Holland

Why do those pesky gray hairs love to pop up front and center along our super-visible hairline? (Sigh.)

To conceal the issue, if you will, we teamed up with Clairol to try Expert Age Defy hair color.

The convenient at-home system comes in 18 shades--from light blonde to black--and counteracts the seven signs of aging hair: dryness, breakage, dullness, unruliness, coarseness, frizz and, of course, stubborn grays.

You start by massaging in what we think of as this formula's secret weapon--the Age Defy Smoothing Pre-Treatment--which enables color to soak deep into your hair. Next you apply the color (roots first, then all over) and rinse after 25 minutes. Then you finish with the Pantene Pro-V Colorseal Conditioning Therapy that comes inside the box.

The result? Silky-smooth and shiny locks--not a gray in sight.