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Ahh, summer. Half-day Fridays, trips to the beach…melting makeup? We’re all about having dewy skin, but for those of us who perspire on the reg, the look can go from fresh and youthful to gross and uncomfortable really quickly. This summer, stay cool and look cooler with these seven tips.

summer beauty bare minerals
Dallas Wardrobe

Forget about foundation

Use a BB or CC cream instead. It’s way lighter, sweats off less obviously and still provides a fair amount of coverage and tint. We like bareMinerals Complexion Rescue ($29).

summer beauty paper fan

Keep a fan and a hankie on you at all times 

Why have you not bought a collapsible paper fan yet?  And please stop dabbing your sweat with a Starbucks napkin.

summer beauty powder1

Put away the powder

To combat shine, use oil blotting sheets instead. Your makeup will stay intact and the sheets won’t clog pores like a powder would.

summer Beauty lemon stains

Say no to sweat stains

Listen, pit stains happen to the best of us. To get rid of them, spray lemon juice on the affected areas right before washing your clothes.

summer beauty toothbrush

Fight frizz

To tame flyaways quickly and cost-effectively, brush 'em down with a dry toothbrush. (Then put your hair in one of these frizz-friendly styles.)

summer beauty hair ties

Remember: cool neck, cool body 

This is not the time to think you’re above a ponytail. We swear by soft hair ties like Mane Message, which won’t leave a weird wave in your hair when you take it down.

summer beauty playlist

Distract yourself from the heat 

Make a killer playlist (or listen to one of these). Magically, you’re too entertained to think about that inner-elbow drip…sorta.

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