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The Scalp Massage That Eases Stress
Bye, headache.

Pampering yourself at a spa can be hard work! You have to get undressed, stuff your things into a little locker, parade around in a robe--only to have to shower off all those glorious massage potions an hour later before you put your clothes back on.

Not so for a new mini treatment at Mario Tricoci, the Chicago salon and spa with locations on the Mag Mile and in the ’burbs.

With the argan oil scalp and foot massage ($50 for 25 minutes), you can go straight from the check-in desk to the treatment room and even leave some of your clothes and jewelry on during the service.

When our schedule was packed but our feet and head were pounding, it was the perfect quick fix: A therapist targeted our scalp’s stress points so swiftly, we were nearly asleep in five minutes flat. Then she exfoliated our tired old dogs and legs until they were baby-soft.

It was all done with just a few drops of nourishing argan oil--a plant oil made from trees indigenous to Morocco. The oil hydrated our winter-parched scalp without leaving it too slick to return to work without washing.

Think oiling your scalp sounds odd? Well, we said the same about our face and look how that one turned out.

Mario Tricoci, 900 N. Michigan Ave.; 847-202-1900 or

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