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Ever wonder why, try as you might, you just look stupid in certain lipstick hues? (Damn you, frosty pink!) It’s not that it’s your fault, per se. It’s just that you’re not wearing the color that perfectly compliments your skin tone. Here, some suggestions on what you can pull off, based on your oh-so-beautiful complexion.

lips aniston

Skin tone: Bronze

Perennially tan Jennifer Aniston knows a nude lip is best for her beautifully bronzed face. If you’ve got skin like hers (and if so: bless you), go nude or wear a strong color--anything in between risks looking too muddy. For the less-is-more option, try Bobbi Brown’s creamy Pale Beige.

lips ana

Skin tone: Caramel

Creamy-skinned ladies are lucky because super-bright lip color only makes their smiles more vibrant. Achieve Ana Ortiz’s look with MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick, a combination gloss and lipstick, in watermelon-pink Insanely It.

lips r

Skin tone: Olive

Have olive skin like Rachel Weisz? Wear colors that have a blue undertone, to match the cool hue of your skin. Lancôme Color Design’s Wine Party is a deep red-blue in a long-lasting formulation.

lips lucy

Skin tone: Peachy

Pearly, peachy skin looks great with similarly-toned lipsticks. We love the sheer pink Lucy Liu is wearing, since it's super subtle and lets you focus on her great eyes and facial structure. Get the look with BareMinerals in Peach Passion.

lips margot5

Skin tone: Pale

The secret to Margot Robbie’s memorable red mouth at the Academy Awards? She’s wearing red with an orange undertone. Fruity colors like these add zing to a fair complexion without overpowering it. Try Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Poppy Pop.

lips lup

Skin tone: Dark Brown

Dark skin tones look fantastic with strong, clear colors, like the intense purpley-pink Lupita Nyong'o is rocking. We love Lipstick Queen’s Hello Sailor, a berry hue that looks blue in the tube but becomes a transparent plum once you apply it.

lips jlaw3

Skin tone: Beige

If you have an even beige tone, wear a bright, clear color so your lipstick doesn’t appear muddy. Jennifer Lawrence’s bright fuchsia, for example, is beyond. For extra control, choose a lip pencil like Nars’ Jardin des Plantes, which both fills in and lines lips to make color stay put.

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