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Facials are awesome: They clean and tighten your pores. Peels are life-changing: They even out skin tone, minimizes fine lines and secretly make you feel like a celeb.

Except for the whole redness, flaking, can’t-be-seen-in-public thing.

Well, a new crop of spots is opening around town to offer lighter facial services that won’t cause blotchy reactions afterward. The idea is that you spend less time and money per visit so you can keep up the routine on the regular. (The secret to basic skin care: consistency.)

See five spots that will get you in, out and on your glowing way.

quick skin treatments 1

BeautyRx Peel Bar

Glycolic peels are the Mac Daddies of correcting skin-tone issues but can cost upwards of $300 and require a lengthy appointment at a fancy dermatologist. Now there’s a lighter, express service in Flatiron--15 minutes for $50--so you can swing by on your lunch break, say, once a month. The gentle, pH-balanced formula was actually created by one of those fancy derms (Dr. Neal Schultz of the Upper East Side) so no one at work will even notice.

BeautyRx Peel Bar at Butterfly Studio Salon, 149 Fifth Ave. (at 21st St.); 212-253-2100 or

quick skin treatments 2

Skin Laundry

Like a peel (but using mild lasers instead of glycolic acid), this is the treatment that “dry-cleans your face” and can help prevent everything from acne to fine lines. Stop in the Flatiron space to get a ten-minute treatment for $100 or buy a subscription package that can take costs down to as low as $50 a pop.

3 W. 16th St. (at Fifth Ave.); 646-760-9298 or

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Face Love Fitness

Who knew your forehead needed a workout? This new facial concept (currently set up in the FiDi WeWork office) has you practice certain exercises and get targeted massages to promote muscle tone and skin elasticity. “Workouts” are priced cheaply (starting at $15 for 15 minutes) with the intention that you do them regularly…like you would at the gym.

WeWork, 85 Broad St. (at Stone St.), 16th fl.; 646-573-2631 or

quick skin treatments 4


Being billed as the “Drybar for facials,” this new Flatiron spot offers basic 30-minute sessions to cleanse, exfoliate, mask, massage and moisturize for $60. You pop in, get cleaned, reapply your makeup and pop out. Easy as that.

1130 Broadway (at 25th St.); 646-869-3601 or



And last but not least: the freebie. Stop in Dermalogica’s Soho outpost to get a gratis skin-tone assessment. Aestheticians will sit you down under a magnifying glass and evaluate 14 key facial areas--finding things like dehydration, hyperpigmentation and pore congestion in specific spots. You’ll walk out with a bag full of samples (yessss) and a better idea of which of the aforementioned facials you should try.

110 Grand St. (at Broadway); 212-219-9800 or

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