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The New Way to Remove Gel Polish
Belyjmishka/Getty Images

Gel manicures are a godsend. They last for weeks, rarely chip and miraculously stay shiny. But the way your nails look after sitting through a ten-minute acetone bath...not so great.

That’s where Katie Cazorla and the Steam Off come into play.

Cazorla, owner of the recently opened Hollywood salon The Painted Nail, created the Steam Off ($100) device, which you can find at her salon or order online. It gently mists away gel (or any type of polish, for that matter) using a vitamin-infused acetone solution instead of stripping your nails with a harsh soak.

Here’s how it works: Simply pour the kit’s solution into the device. Once it warms up, slide your fingertips into the silicone holes and position your hand as if you’re holding a tennis ball. (Editor’s tip: Make sure your thumb goes in first so it doesn’t get skipped.) If you’re wearing traditional soak-off gels or acrylics, steam for ten minutes. If you’re wearing regular polish or Shellac, steam for five.

As with a normal acetone bath, you’ll still need to push off a bit of the remaining color with an orange stick. However, you won’t find any of those harsh white marks or dry, jagged cuticles when you’re done.

Oh, and they’ll smell nice to boot.

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