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The New Hair Removal Technique That Everyones Talking About

Sugaring: Not since Carrie Bradshaw introduced Americans to the now-commonplace Brazilian wax has there been such bikini-line buzz. But what’s the deal with this hot new technique? And more to the point--should you do it?

So tell it to me straight. What is this newfangled hair-removal method?
Basically, it’s like waxing, but instead of wax, your aesthetician smears your skin with a paste made from sugar, water and lemon juice. She then rips it off—along with the offending hair.

Does it hurt?
Kinda… the mixture is lukewarm, not hot, so there’s no chance of scorching. But you are still ripping out hairs, which can be uncomfortable. It's just way less painful than waxing.

How often do I have to do it?
Whenever you get that five-o’clock bikini shadow, or about every six weeks. Bonus: Sugaring causes some follicles to go dormant, so your hair will get thinner over time.

How much does it cost?
On average, $45.

OK. Got it. But do you recommend it?
Totally. Besides hurting less, the paste can just be wiped off with water--so no more stray waxing bits stuck to your inner thighs.

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