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The Easiest Way to Tame Static Hair
Todor Tsvetkov/Getty Images

It’s a beautiful day, there’s, like, no humidity and you’re wearing a killer outfit. (Your makeup’s pretty on point, too.) The only thing keeping you from feeling your absolute best: the static monstrosity that is your hair. Luckily, there’s a quick fix for this all-too-common problem, and it involves tools you definitely already have. Here’s the deal. 

What you need: A hairbrush and a dryer sheet.

What you do: Poke the bristles of your brush through the dryer sheet, then brush your hair as usual.

What it does: Smooths strands beyond belief. Just as dryer sheets keep your towels soft (and stop skirts from sticking to your tights), they work wonders in banishing static from your hair.

Go ahead: Have the best day ever.

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