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High cheekbones. Defined jawlines. Slim noses. How do celebrities achieve that seemingly flawless look?

One word: Contouring.

And with a little help from Sephora and PureWow, you can do it too.

Contouring--the art of creating shadows and highlights to sculpt, refine and slim the face--used to be a technique left only to the pros. However, it?s actually quite easy to accomplish at home.

First things first, head over to the Best Face Forward guide, and choose the celebrity face that most resembles your own. Is your face square like Olivia Wilde?s? Or maybe oval like Kerry Washington?s? Next, follow the guide to see where Sephora recommends placing the contouring and highlighting products. (Once you see it drawn out, it becomes less daunting.)

Finally, go to to master your contour education. There you can watch how-to videos, shop exclusive products and explore even more tricks of the shade. Still apprehensive? Simply pop into any Sephora store and ask for a free Contour Mini Makeover.

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