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Hang on a sec. Just when we’d wrapped our heads around ombré, suddenly all anyone in NYC could talk about was “bronde” (which uh, looks pretty similar to ombré if you ask us). Now the latest fall trend is tortoiseshell hair, and to be honest, between ombré, bronde and tortoiseshell, we’re totally confused. Colorist Sean Davis, who does all three looks at his salon Tosler Davis in New York City, is helping us set the record straight.

NY TortoiseshellHair List1


Also sometimes known as “ecaille,” tortoiseshell is the newest hair color technique on the NYC scene this fall. Incorporating chocolate, honey and espresso tones, it’s a low-maintenance way to add dimension and warmth to your locks without bleach. Best of all, it needs to be touched up only every few months.

NY Tortoiseshellhair List2


This not-quite-blonde, not-quite-brunette look was first spotted on supermodel Cara Delevingne and has been sweeping the city for the last year. Ideal for blondes who are warming up their old summer locks for the winter or brunettes who want some extra shimmer, bronde is a slightly lighter version of tortoiseshell.

NY TortoiseshellHair List3


The OG has been around for a while, and you probably know what this one is already. Gisele Bündchen made it popular way back in 2007, and it’s all about the gradual shade from dark to light. Or in the case of reverse ombré, light to dark. This process does include bleach, which can cause damage and breakage, particularly at the ends of the hair. Sorry, ombré. We’re switching to tortoiseshell.

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