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Saving Grace
Wait, they have a dog?

Gird your loins: Prince William and Kate Middleton are visiting NYC.

Come December 7 the city will be a madhouse as we all clamber to catch a glimpse (and learn the secrets) of the world?s classiest couple.

And heaven help you if you look like a slob next to the royal duo.

But here?s a little tip: You can learn proper (yet modern) decorum any day of the week with Beaumont Etiquette.

Myka Meier, the founder, is an adorable thirtysomething, born in the U.S. and classically trained in the U.K. (No cranky grandmother types here.) She offers a range of courses to help you appear more polished in business meetings, at the dinner table, in front of future in-laws--you name it.

First, decide if it?s social or business that you?re after. Then you can get far more specific in the areas of instruction. For instance, there?s an entire course dedicated to Kate Middleton-ing yourself (known as the Duchess Effect) in which you?ll learn how to descend a staircase, get out of a car and, well, sit. (It?s all in the angle of your legs, ladies.)

Classes are held at Meier?s Central Park South office and can be either four hours (including lunch; $550), two hours ($375) or one power hour ($150).

You can now crush high tea at The Palm Court.

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