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Pore Putty Is Weird and Confusing and Totally Awesome

You know us: We don’t gush over specific beauty products all that often. (Really only when it’s a magical zit-eraser or a legendary hair spray that cuts drying time in half.) So when we heard the phrase “pore putty” thrown around, we had to investigate.

What it is: A quick-drying serum you apply after your moisturizer and before your makeup.

What it is not: Actual putty. (Confession: We weirdly hoped it’d be straight-up spackle.)

How it works: There are a few on the market, but the kind we tried, from Peter Thomas Roth ($27), acts like a makeup primer of sorts. Rather than filling in pores (like the word “putty” suggests), it works by absorbing oil. That way the surface of your nose (for example) is less shiny, more matte and doesn’t have obvious little divots everywhere.

How we feel: About ten years younger.

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