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It’s hard to reinvent the wheel when it comes to something as basic as brushing your teeth. But we’ve got to hand it to the folks who created this plaque-busting toothpaste--which is basically like any other conventional toothpaste (sodium fluoride to fight off cavities and a minty fresh flavor to tackle morning breath) except that it temporarily turns your teeth teal until it’s time to stop brushing.

Here’s why: The teal dye is what dentists refers to as a “disclosing agent,” as in, it discloses how much plaque you have on your chompers--and exactly where it’s lurking. The only way the dye will disappear is when you’ve successfully brushed all the gross away. 

As you continue to use the paste, you’ll find that your teeth are a little less teal each time. This doesn’t mean that it went bad or stopped working. It just means you have less plaque because you’re doing a better job brushing. 

So go ahead. Flash those pearly whites.

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