Ombre Is Out; Hand-Pressed Hair Color Is In

The new technique involves a piece of glass and takes only an hour

Remember ombré? That was so two falls ago. Here in its place is a new dyeing trend. It’s called hand-pressed hair coloring, and it’s the most crazy-awesome thing to happen to hair in years.


What The Hell Is It?

The method was created by NYC-based hair colorist Chiala Marvici. Simply put, the technique allows you to paint multiple layers of color and patterns into your hair, resulting in a multidimensional feel.


How Does It Work?

Forget foil. A colorist takes plexiglass and handles it like a painter’s palette. They’ll apply varying hues of color onto the glass, and then lay sections of your hair onto the glass. Lastly, they’ll use a plastic putty knife to blend the colors into your hair. Think of it like T-shirt screen-printing--but for your ’do.


How Long Does The Whole Process Take?

Applying the highlights from the plexiglass to the hair takes only about 15 to 20 minutes, plus 30 more minutes for the colors to blend together. All together with drying and styling, you’ll be in and out of the salon in just over an hour.


I'm Going To Book My Coloring Appointment

Unfortunately, this technique hasn’t gone mainstream quite yet. Marvici has been working on simplifying the process and says she’ll be traveling around the country teaching it to local salons soon. We’re hoping it’s worth the wait.

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