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Sorry, but we’re not doing the whole surgical-face-lift thing anytime soon. We hate pain, it’s too damn expensive and we’re nervous we’ll end up looking like Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her.

So instead, we tried an AcuFacial, an amazing combo of acupuncture, vacuum-powered microdermabrasion and light therapy--it’s totally pain-free and actually minimized the puffiness in our face for over a month.

What the heck is an AcuFacial? NYC-based cosmetic facial acupuncturist Shellie Goldstein began with an examination of the symmetry of our face. Surprisingly, the side we carry our bag (and kids) on had the most puffiness under the eyes, cheeks and chin. She then performed acupuncture (yep, those little needles--but it didn’t hurt at all, promise) on our entire body to encourage lymph drainage, stimulate endorphins and balance nitric oxide in the skin.

And then your face was…vacuumed? Well, kinda. A microdermabrasion tool with suction was applied to our face, and it literally felt like the gunk and dirt and dead skin (eat your heart out, pimple-popping fans) was being sucked out of our pores. Each session is personally catered to your skin’s needs, so if you don’t have a run-in with the “vacuum,” you might have your face treated with an LED light or microcurrent therapy.

Do I have to hide for the next three days while my face heals? Nope--we went to a cocktail party the night of the treatment and our skin was glowing and bright, even without makeup.

Does it really work? After the treatment, the skin on our face definitely looked tighter and the bags under our eyes were much smaller. The puffier right side of our face was also more symmetrical. And we’re not gonna lie: We were shocked when our results from one 90-minute session ($530) lasted a month and a half. Sayonara, eye bags.

Shellie Goldstein Associates; locations in Flatiron and the Hamptons; 212-388-0800 or

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