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This Insane New Skin Cream Contains Actual Meteorite Dust

Space is hot right now. And we’re not just talking about Star Wars and Matt Damon planting potatoes on Mars.

It’s also trending in skin care. Meet the anti-aging ingredient of the future: meteorite dust.

Yep. French beauty brand Filorga’s new cream Skin-Absolute Night contains dust that’s been extracted from actual meteors picked up in the Sahara desert.

Now that you’re losing your science-loving mind (we assume), here’s why it works: Meteorites are composed of silicon, which is one of our body’s key minerals for producing elastin and collagen but is also one that depletes with age. Replenish that silicon and ta-daaaa: You’ve got a wrinkle cure.

It goes without saying that ingredients from outer space will set you back a pretty penny ($139 for 1.7 ounces, in fact). But we gave it a whirl ourselves, and holy Houston, this stuff is super hydrating. Thanks, space.

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