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Just like you wouldn’t don your snow boots in 80-degree weather, you also shouldn’t slather on your heavy-duty moisturizer in the summer months.

That’s where gel moisturizers come in.

These products (given the seal of approval by Korean beauty experts) quench your skin without weighing it down. Here’s how you can start using one today.


If You Have Oily Skin

Just because your T-zone starts glistening by 10 a.m. doesn’t mean your skin isn't in need of hydration. A gel moisturizer is great in this case because it sinks in without adding shine. Try Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream ($26) in the morning and evening. The formula goes on smooth and results in zero sticky fingers.


If You Have Dry Skin

As you age, your skin’s natural moisture barrier begins to break down. And that means you need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The gel-to-water consistency of Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max Watery Cream ($16) drenches your skin in moisture and locks it right in. If you swear by your night serum, try using a gel during the day instead.


If You Have Sensitive Skin

Use gel moisturizer as a relief treatment. Stick the tube or jar in the refrigerator and apply to red or irritated skin for a soothing effect. Laneíge Water Bank Gel Cream ($32) is infused with Optimal Mineral water and contains aloe and centaury extracts to calm enflamed skin.


If You Need a Foundation Alternative

Thick and heavy foundations got you down? Look to BareMineral’s Complexion Rescue Gel Cream ($29). A tinted moisturizer like no other, this product works like a BB, CC and primer all in one. At its core, it’s a gel formula, so it spreads like butter and sinks in to match your skin tone flawlessly. (Can you tell we like it?)

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