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We’ve spent lots of time and even more dollars on trying to perfect our skin. But what if the answer to a flawless, glowing complexion has been hiding in the refrigerator the entire time? Here, eight foods that just might help you put your best face forward.

skin food carrots

For dull skin, eat carrots

These carotenoid-containing veggies add subtle yellow tones to skin, giving it a healthy and natural glow.

skin food salmon

For dry skin, eat fatty fish

Fish like salmon and tuna contain good fats that help hold in moisture. Consider it an excuse to justify weekly sushi night.

skin food kiwi

For wrinkles, eat kiwis

This little fruit is filled with vitamin C (120 percent of your daily value, to be exact). People who eat diets high in vitamin C often see fewer wrinkles, thanks to C’s ability to stimulate collagen production.

skin food sardines

For acne-prone skin, eat sardines

They’re high in DHA, a type of omega-3 that is a powerful anti-inflammatory. (Inflammation is a common cause of breakouts.)

skin food walnuts

For eczema, eat walnuts

These guys contain an omega-3 called alpha-linolenic acid. What do you need to know about alpha-linolenic acid? A deficiency can result in dry and scaly skin.

skin food tomatoes

For preventing sunburn, eat tomatoes

The fruit’s high levels of the antioxidant lycopene improve skin’s natural SPF. (But you should still slather on the bottled stuff, natch.)

skin food garlic

For rough skin, eat garlic

Like eggs, garlic contains sulfur, which repairs tissue and helps smooth the epidermis.

skin food soy

For splotchy skin, eat soy

Foods containing soy (like tofu and edamame) are full of vitamins and minerals that reduce hyperpigmentation, which can lead to an uneven skin tone.

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