Is Bronde the Hot New Hair Trend?

First, there was ombré. Then there was reverse ombré. Then it was something called “ecaille” that we never really understood anyway. (Apparently it means “tortoiseshell” in French.)

Now the newest hip hair color just might be “bronde,” a hue that’s best described as brunette with a blonde glow. Before you go running to your stylist, take a look at the trend’s evolution, and decide for yourself if it’s more than just hype.

Cara Delavingne First Rocked The Look In 2014

The supermodel made the switch from platinum blonde to “brunette with a blonde glow” late last year.

Then, In April, J. Lo Jumped On The Bandwagon

She became the new face of the #GoBronde L’Oréal movement, which is, apparently, “sexier than a blonde, spicier than a brunette.”


And Then Came Blake, Just A Few Weeks Ago

Lively posted an Instagram with the hashtag “#GoBronde” and later followed with “#NoTypos-IKnowIThinkItsCrazyToo.”

Think You're Ready To #gobronde Yourself?

Professional stylists say it’s pretty easy to do, and the look actually gets better as it fades with time. Just bring your hairdresser a picture of the exact color you’re going for, since perception of #Bronde varies within the industry.

And Remember, It May Be The New Hip Trend

But plenty of people have been rocking the look since before it was cool.