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Going to the salon is supposed to be all about relaxation (whaddup, scalp massage!), but in reality, getting your hair cut comes with a lot of extra stressors--like a stylist who hears "trim" and most definitely "chops." Here's how to respond in certain situations, so you don't walk out with a mullet and a headache.

Stylist Dusting

Stylist says: “So, take just an inch or so off?
What to do: If you’re nervous about your stylist cutting too much, ask for a “dusting” instead of a "trim." A dusting implies you'd like to remove split ends without sacrificing your length.

Stylist threeinches

Stylist says: You'd look a lot healthier after losing a few inches
What to do: If the question isn't coming from vague length-approximations but rather concern for your excessive flat-ironing use, listen. You just may feel like a new (fried-ends-free) woman.

Stylist BigChange1

Stylist says: “You'd look amazing in a lob!”
What to do: Be wary of the bored persuasive stylist. Just because they're really into blunt chops and ombré this week doesn't mean you have to be. Don't do anything unless you (the person who's stuck with this look) are 100-percent sure. (But FYI: You would look amazing in a lob.)

Stylist bangs

Stylist says: Bangs, huh? Zooey Deschanel it is. 
What to do: Be very specific about any bang-related requests. Talk through any hair-texture and level-of-morning-effort issues before committing to something that frames your face. It may turn out that a long side swoop is better for your 11-minute beauty routine.

Stylist shampoo

Stylist says: “You should really try this shampoo at home. It smoothes down your flyaways, and it’s only $49.99.”
What to do: Politely say you'll think about it. (But, honestly, your drugstore fave is a fave for a reason.) Retail sales are a large part of a salon’s revenue, so they’re not just recommending the fancy stuff because they think you’d love it. Though, if you do think you’ll love it, you can probably find a better deal online.

Stylist Highlights

Stylist says: “I’m sorry, but I can't give you any more highlights.”
What to do: If it's an over-processing issue, they're probably right. You don't want to risk irreversible damage, so trust the expert holding the squeeze bottle of chemicals. (Then request a deep conditioning.)

Stylist blue

Stylist says: “Weird. Not sure why these highlights turned out blue.”
What to do: First, breathe. Second, tell the truth. If it’s a total disaster, stay calm and politely explain your point of view. A good stylist will want you to be satisfied (especially if Kylie Jenner wasn't the desired 'do).

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