How to Pull Off the Half Bun
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For the past several years, there is one hairstyle that some of our favorite celebrities (like Mandy here) can’t seem to quit: the half-bun. In fact, it’s become so popular, it’s even earned a cute nickname: "the hun" for short.

We're guessing the reason why people love it so much has something to do with the fact that it's loose, casual and super easy to recreate on every hair texture and pretty much any length beyond a pixie. (It’s also a great style to rock when you’re growing out said pixie and are stuck somewhere between a mullet and a hard place.) Here’s exactly how to pull it off.

  1. Create some beachy waves. This isn’t a time for stick-straight strands. After washing your hair, work a texturizing mousse or sea salt spray through damp strands and let them air-dry. Once they've dried, grab a curling iron (we prefer a 1-inch barrel for a looser coil) and add some bends throughout. If your curls look a little too Shirley Temple, run a brush through to gently break them apart.

  2. Section off the top half (or a third) of your hair. As a general rule of thumb, you can adjust the amount of hair to put up based on the length or thickness of your strands. Ideally you want a pretty even balance between the bun and the rest of your hair. 

  3. Keep the bun at eye-level. Think low-key topknot as opposed to the sky-high ballerina buns your mom made you wear as a kid. It should rest comfortably at the crown of your head (and not give you a tension headache).

  4. Make one that works for you. Everyone’s personal texture (and preferred style of bun) is unique. Pull your hair through a rubber band two and a half times and loop it into a neater knot or keep things more casual with a few haphazard twists. Option to add a scrunchie or ribbon to dress things up.

  5. Finish with a light-hold spray. Again, these are not the overly perfect tendrils of a homecoming dance. You want to keep the strands in check while also keeping the "just got out of Bikram" vibe.

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