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Things that are important: A good skincare routine. Things that are hard to remember: The order in which one goes about said skincare routine. And for the record, the order does matter. It makes a difference in how effective each step is, so to help clear things up, we’ve laid it all out for you and your soon-to-be flawless skin.

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Remove makeup and cleanse

First things first: Ditch the makeup. (We like Pond's Cold Cream.) Once you’re foundation-free, use a gentle, cleansing face wash. Cream and foam formulas are typically best.

We like: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser; Kiehl’s Calendula Foaming Face Wash



Exfoliating every day might irritate the skin, but it’s an important step to add one to three times per week to slough off dry and dull skin.

We like: St. Ives Even & Bright Scrub; Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant



Toners sometimes get a bad rap for being super-drying, but as long as you pick one sans alcohol, it’ll regulate your skin’s oil production and pH level and ready it to absorb serums and moisturizers.

We like: Caudalie Moisturizing Toner; Murad Essential-C Toner

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Apply Serum

Let?s talk science: Serums are essentially super-condensed nutrients, meant to tighten, brighten and even out skin. All good in our book.

We like: Burt?s Bees Repairing Serum; Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

/images/articles/Apply eye cream

Apply eye cream

Real talk: The skin around your eyes is crazy sensitive and deserves special treatment. Specifically, treatment with a cream that aims to smooth fine lines by stimulating collagen production with ingredients like caffeine.

We like: Clinique All About Eyes; Clarins Total Eye Concentrate



Last but certainly not least: your moisturizer, which should hydrate your skin without leaving it greasy. Of utmost importance when picking one? SPF. Seriously, guys, just say no to leathery skin.

We like: Yes to Cucumbers Daily Moisturizer; Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Day Cream

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