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How to Look Refreshed After a Night Out
When all else fails, hide your hangover

After a night of overindulgence, everyone knows to drink a glass of water and pop ibuprofen so you don’t wake up with a pounding head. But despite your efforts to hydrate before hitting the sack, you’re still left with a red, blotchy face that tells the world you’re hung over. (Sigh.)

That’s because alcohol constricts the blood flow to your capillaries, which has a reddening effect on your cheeks and nose. We’ve discovered that using a rosacea remedy, like Dermelect Redness Rehab ($42), counteracts this flushed look by creating a soothing and anti-inflammatory buffer on skin. Just slather on the lightweight green-tea-and-shea-butter-rich formula before bed, then apply another layer in the morning and your skin will looked refreshed--even if you’re not.

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