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3 Steps to Get Your Gross Winter Feet Ready for Summer

The good news: It’s finally warm enough to wear open-toed shoes. The bad news: After clomping around the city in snow boots all winter long, your feet look like bear claws. Follow these three steps and you’ll have baby-soft feet just in time to show off your new pom-pom sandals. Problem solved.

Remove the dead skin (all of it). A pumice stone is great for at-home maintenance, when you have icky winter feet, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Dangene aesthetician Samantha Wright recommends some pro pampering: a diamond microdermabrasion treatment (which basically sandblasts your feet) followed by a glycolic acid wash to stimulate new cell growth. Note: If you have dark skin, skip the dry microdermabrasion and stick with just the wash to prevent discoloration. 
Try: Dangene (starting at $250); Institute Beauté ($325); New York Dermatology Group ($800)

Go deep with a mask. After exfoliating, your feet will already feel much smoother…but we’re just getting started. Slather on an exfoliating mask and put on a pair of socks for 30 minutes to soften your heels and the balls of your feet. One episode of Kimmy Schmidt and you’re all done. 
Try: Karuna Exfoliating+ Foot Mask ($11)

Keep your feet hydrated. Use a lotion with alpha hydroxy acid to seal in moisture and kick your feet up to maximum softness. For an extra hydrating boost, Wright suggests spraying your feet with a facial mist when you wear open-toed shoes. Soft summer tootsies, here we come. 
Try: Eucerin Intensive Repair Foot Cream ($13) and Evian Mineral Water Spray ($18)

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